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Voice Your Conern: List

Congressional Representative

Reach out to Steven Cohen - 9th congressional district of TN

Be honest that you reside outside his district but want voice your concerns regarding the Memphis Zoo, whom is Mr. Cohen’s constituent.​

To email his office click here 

Phone: (901) 544-4131 / Mon-Fri 8-5

US Department of Agricultures

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

The USDA’s APHIS division is a federal agency that oversees animal welfare issues based on The Animal Welfare Act (AWA).

To make a complaint via their website, click here 

Be sure to include Memphis Zoo’s license number 63-C-0004


Government agencies have responsibility to monitor and make investigations on issues people care about. Below are ways to email, file complaint to get your voice heard.

*Don't hesitate to use Panda Voices' petition/media as supporting reference.

For complete list of recipients and 'ready-to-be-sent' sample letter, click here

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