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Panda Yaya and Lele are 2 giant pandas serving Memphis Zoo for 20 years.

It was brought to our attention that they have been being mistreated for years and are in
poor mental and physical conditions.

We were devastated and outraged when LeLe died due to neglect and inadequate care
shortly before he was due to return home.


The Mistreatments Observed Are:

Insufficient bamboo and supplemental treats

Lack of Medical Care

Untreated parasites & Dental Problems

Malnourishment & Underweight

Stereotypical Behaviors

Distressed Mental Health

Excessive Caging Time (10+hours)



Yaya was born on Aug 03, 2000. She is 22 years old. As a senior panda, she has endured several miscarriages and is malnourished and underweight. She suffers from skin mites. The lack of quality bamboo, nutritious treats, and enrichment has caused her serious stereotypical behavior. YaYa's contract ends on April 7, 2023.



Lele was born on July 18, 1998. He is 24 years old. He suffers from dental problems, chronic diarrhea, and stereotypical behaviors.

LeLe had been showing signs of weakness since January 15. After 20 years of a hard life at Memphis Zoo, LeLe died of negligence shortly before returning to China on February 1.

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Panda Voices is created by international panda fans. We were brought together by our love for pandas, and the ongoing mistreatment of pandas Lele and Yaya at Memphis Zoo. We want to use everything in our power to ensure the best care and proper treatments are given to Yaya, Lele and pandas globally.

Once facing extinction, pandas are one of the oldest and most miraculous surviving creatures on earth; therefore, the treatments they need is very delicate.  Aside from the current rescue of Yaya and Lele, we continue to monitor conditions of caged pandas in the world.  

Malnourished Yaya
Image by Joshua J. Cotten
Image by Joshua J. Cotten
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